Topos Labs and Serco AI Tiger Team have joined forces to provide real-world content intelligence solutions and services to the Government Sector.

Serco’s specialized North American based AI Tiger Team consists of AI data scientists, team leaders, and solution architects – some who are former military officers and many of whom are formerly from Intel Corporation’s AI division. The AI Tiger Team spans US and Canadian governments in deploying real-world AI/ML solutions including Predicative Maintenance, Parts Failure Prediction, Root Cause Analysis of system and human failures.

Gracie in Action

Use Case: Details Classified – Application of AI/NLP to optimize the execution of Operational Planning Procedures (OPP)

Industry: Defense/Government

Organization: Armed Forces Branch (AFB)

Problem: As a data-driven organization AFB relies heavily on accurate and timely data to ensure operational excellence in support of its global mission. But like most government organizations AFB is drowning in data, which is a two-fold challenge: (1) There is too much new data coming in too quickly to analyze; and (2) the voluminous and growing data that currently resides in storage is virtually impossible to sift through efficiently. The current process of searching through, analyzing, prioritizing and utilizing this data is mostly manual, which is labor-intensive, time consuming and prone to human error. To execute and maintain operational readiness, automation is no longer a luxury, but a necessity.

Solution: In order for AFB to meet their increasingly challenging needs they have selected Topos Labs’ Gracie platform to ingest, analyze, interpret and visualize these large data sets. With Gracie, they quickly have begun to automate, streamline and accelerate data analysis, triage and critical decision-making around global events. AFB was able to complete analyses in record time (8-12 weeks). More importantly, Gracie’s “no-code” interface provides this next generation natural language processing, data discovery and interpretation without requiring AI, machine learning, data science or programming skills.

Serco Group plc is a leading provider of public services. Our purpose is to be a trusted partner of governments, delivering superb services that transform outcomes and make a positive difference to our fellow citizens.

We gain scale, expertise and diversification by operating internationally across five sectors and four geographies: Defense, Justice & Immigration, Transport, Health and Citizen Services. In North America we employ over 8,000 staff, serving Federal, state and local governments, along with the Canadian government and commercial customers.

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