Topos Lab’s advanced AI Natural Language Processing (NLP) solution delivers unmatched time-to-value wherever intelligent content analysis of unstructured data is required.

Cybersecurity/Content Risk

From data forensics to classifying data to understanding content risk, Gracie empowers IT, Legal and Risk managers to efficiently understand their content IQ.


From detecting hidden intent in data streams to finding value in previously untapped unstructured data sets, Gracie can separate signals from the noise in a messy, complex, and often siloed data environment.


From personalizing customer interactions to pinpointing otherwise undetected fraud rings, Gracie helps financial institutions both increase revenue and prevent loss.

Use Case: Email Security
Industry: Business Communications

Company: Large email security provider with over 10,000 customers

Problem: In addition to ensuring that their solution eliminates traditional digital threats fromthe outside, like malware and cyberattacks, this global provider was seeking to expand protections against internal liabilities from things like confidential or sensitive data loss, sophisticated phishing attacks, fraud & insider threats, and rules-of-conduct breaches (hate speech, bullying, etc.).

Solution: Topos Lab’s Gracie platform scans email bodies and attachments to identify risks within the content itself. What are the main and sub-topics within the email? Are named entities (product, company or people names); personally identifiable information such phone numbers, email address, postal address, SSN; financial information like credit card numbers and CVV codes; security information like passwords, secret keys, PINs? What is the nature of the attached document(s): source code, resume, patents, proposals, customerdemographic, corporate sales strategy, etc.? The results are substantial improvement in overall information security awareness and DLP capabilities.

Use Case: M&A Risk
Industry: Business Orchestration/Risk

Company: Global M&A Data Storage & Management Company

Problem: The company provides software and services to companies undergoing or preparing for M&A activity or legal proceedings. One of their key challenges is that they require their customers to categorize and organize alltheir required documents and associatedcommunications. Depending upon the nature and size ofthe business(es) involved this can be a highly manual,labor-intensive, time-consuming, and costly effort, whichleads to longer sales and delivery cycles, fragmented processes, errors and omissions, and inherentinefficiencies.

Solution: Like a digital cotton gin, Topos Lab’s Gracieplatform automatically combs through customer’s datalakes and file shares for them to identify the necessary documents (contracts, legal documents, patent filings, etc.) and mines those further to qualify and group them to meet specific use case requirements. For example, Gracie can scan a file share to find all contracts that fall between a given termination date range, or only contracts that are focused on real-estate transactions in Florida.

Use Case: Details Classified – Application of AI/NLP to optimize the execution of Operational Planning Procedures (OPP)
Industry: Defense/Government

Organization: Armed Forces Branch (AFB)

Problem: As a data-driven organization AFB relies heavily on accurate and timely data to ensure operational excellence in support of its global mission. But like most government organizations AFB is drowning in data, which is a two-fold challenge: (1) There is too much new data coming in too quickly to analyze; and (2) the voluminous and growing data that currently resides in storage is virtually impossible to sift through efficiently. The current process of searching through, analyzing, prioritizing and utilizing this data is mostly manual, which is labor-intensive, time consuming and prone to human error. To execute and maintain operational readiness, automation is no longer a luxury, but a necessity.

Solution: In order for AFB to meet their increasingly challenging needs they have selected Topos Labs’ Gracie platform to ingest, analyze, interpret and visualize these large data sets. With Gracie, they quickly have begun to automate, streamline and accelerate data analysis, triage and critical decision-making around global events. AFB was able to complete analyses in record time (8-12 weeks). More importantly, Gracie’s “no-code” interface provides this next generation natural language processing, data discovery and interpretation without requiring AI, machine learning, data science or programming skills.

Use Case: Risk Detection
Industry: Financial/Banking

Company: Global banking portfolio of businesses enables hundreds of millions of transactions

Problem: In addition to ensuring that the platform is free from fraud, the global investigation team is tasked with many activities that involve analyzing vast numbers of documents and identifying items that could pose a risk to the enterpriseor are relevant to an activeinvestigation. Even with a largeinvestigative team, the needle inthe haystack problem makes itnearly impossible to figure outwhich content representspotential fraud or legitimate dataloss events.

Solution: Topos Lab’s Gracieplatform delivers an automatedsystem for analyzing documentsand identifying content riskassociated with compliance, dataleak prevention, and proprietary information. Gracie’s Risk Dashboard,tailored by the investigative team to prioritize the highest risk content and their owners for mitigation operations. The result is a five-fold increase in the speed of document analysis associated with triaging and investigation of data loss events, with 90% fewer false positives.