COGNITIVE Text mining

Human logic at the speed of light.


Gracie™ is an AI-powered text mining software that analyzes, classifies and labels digital content at speeds and levels of precision impossible for humans. Our patent-pending technology is easy to use and can be rapidly trained and tailored to meet specific needs by your own subject matter experts without programming or data science.

Why Gracie?: The name Gracie was inspired by the late Grace Hopper, a computer science pioneer who helped develop the precursor to COBOL back in the 1940’s. Mrs. Hopper dreamed of a programming language written in English. At Topos Labs we had a similar dream but added a multi-lingual twist. Our goal was to create a cognitive computing engine that could be trained by anyone conversant in any human language. The Gracie™ platform is the result of that effort.



Trained in minutes by non-technical people with no programming or data science needed.

Using Topos software we built an amazing new data product that our advertisers love, without any programming.”

Sara Gutterman – CEO, Green Builder Media

According to IDC, 90% of the world’s data has been generated in the last two years.

“Unstructured data makes up 80% and more of enterprise data.”
Datamation – March 2018


Gracie’s multi-tier cognitive engine uses a blend of proprietary patent-pending AI technologies to achieve the highest levels of accuracy in the industry.

”Topos increased the accuracy of our client’s data by 600% in just three weeks.”

Matthias Kehder – CEO, Modern Analytics

“Topos Labs accomplished more in a demo than Watson did in a year with a million dollars.”

Tech Executive – Top 5 Healthcare Company

No Programming

Requires no expensive software engineers, AI experts or data scientists. Your people know your business – and that’s all Gracie™ needs.


Gracie™ uses deep semantic and contextual analytics to interpret and make sense of unstructured human language with incomparable granularity.

Highly Adaptable

Although she specializes in Healthcare, Finance and Security, Gracie™ can be adapted to a wide variety of industries and use cases.

Humans Matter

Behind Gracie™ is a talented, diverse team of people who care about your success, and are ready to help you at any step.