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Gracie Overview

Data Ingestion

Gracie’s versatile omni-source acquisition engine provides multi-language support for both web-based and enterprise data sources : RSS, social media, online reviews, journals, documents, metadata, health records, Outlook 365, etc.

Cognitive Mining

Gracie uses a sophisticated combination of machine learning, neural nets, semantic analysis, and dynamic custom ontologies to mine and refine human-readable text. Edison accurately identifies categories, entities, geolocations, tense, themes, emotions and more.


Gracie’s cognitive capabilities grow every day thanks to Lexi, his personal trainer. Lexi is the world’s first point-and-click AI Training Engine that enables rapid domain adaptation in minutes without coding or data science.

Gracie at Work

Gracie Benefits

No Programming

Gracie extracts actionable insights quickly from unstructured data without the use of expensive technical resources or data scientists.

Rapid Training

Lexi, our patent-pending dictionary editor app, allows virtually anyone to quickly train Gracie to transform all text into ‘smart data’.

Real-time, All the Time

Gracie mines smart data in real-time, around-the-clock, with alerting. Sleep well knowing that the data you need will find you as soon as it’s available.

Humans Still Rule!

Behind Gracie is a talented team of former IBMers, data scientists and engineers, allowing Topos to offer flexible, comprehensive and reliable service to our customers.