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Why Topos?

Core Benefits:

  • Time-to-Value: Edison’s innovative training engine (“Dojo”) enables the rapid building of data models so you start seeing amazing results within a couple of weeks. Our competition can’t come close because they don’t have our proprietary Dojo mojo.
  • Hyper-Granularity: Edison uses multi-dimensional, multi-tier deep learning techniques to achieve “matrix observations”, which greatly enhances the accuracy, specificity and relevance of data. Most other engines are built to spot trends
  • Cost: Most AI-based data solutions are costly because of the extensive time and professional services they require. At Topos we went the extra mile to build a system that requires no engineers, no data scientists and minimal training time. This means we can deliver more accurate results for far less money than the big guys.


To learn more or arrange for a demo, contact us at                     508-925-7068 or today!