Topos Labs has created an AI solution to find critical information and risk in unstructured content, changing the way that important information is identified, interpreted, and prioritized. Our award-winning technology identifies risk and value within content with unmatched speed, flexibility, and ease-of-use. Furthermore, our platform addresses one of the biggest problems with natural language processing (NLP), which is accuracy. Using proprietary data validation features and patented deep learning techniques Topos has built the most accurate NLP platform in the industry.

Topos Labs technology quickly automates the analysis and classification of complex content, reducing the workload and risks that clients face while allowing them more time to drive their businesses forward.

But that’s old news and just the beginning of the story. Along this journey, we were fortunate to catch the attention of Nuix, a global leader in data analytics and intelligence software. Nuix immediately saw our platform’s powerful capability and the natural synergy that existed between our technologies. And we agreed with this assessment — the two companies are an ideal match. As a result, we are excited to announce that Topos Labs will become part of Nuix, in a move that marks a bold new chapter for the company.

We are thrilled about becoming part of Nuix because it offers us the opportunity to continue this journey, taking our NLP platform’s capabilities to the next level, while allowing us to work with some of the best technology and engineers in the industry. The combination of the Nuix and Topos teams and technologies creates a force to be reckoned with in the growing investigative analytics, data intelligence, eDiscovery and GRC (Governance Risk Compliance) marketplace.

The transaction is effective immediately. For more information please refer to the contact information below:

Investor Contact

Brett Dimon
Head of Investor Relations
+61 (0)410 671 357
[email protected]

Media Contact

Helen McCombie
+61 (0)411 756 248
[email protected]