WHAT: Live Demo at AI World Government: No-code Natural Language Processing (NLP) for Content Intelligence & Classification
WHO: Liam Kelly, Director of Product Marketing, Topos Labs
WHEN: Thursday, Oct. 29, 2020, 3:20 pm EDT
DETAILS: In this presentation Liam Kelly will demonstrate how non-technical users can create and optimize high-performing text analysis models quickly without any programming, data science or machine learning skills. What Liam will achieve during this short presentation would take weeks or even months to achieve using alternative solutions. The demo will include creating a document-type classifier, a topic dictionary, and a multi-class classifier. Additionally, Liam will offer a quick glimpse at our soon-to-be-released Content Risk Dashboard, which provides real-time insights into the risks and liabilities lurking within corporate content. Join us to learn how Topos Labs is democratizing AI NLP to tackle the challenges and risks associated with the explosive growth of unstructured data.
CONTACT: To learn more or schedule a one-on-one meeting, please contact [email protected]


Liam pictured here at the MIT Innovation Awards with CTO Darshan Gencarelle dialed in via robotic telepresence.