Grace Murray Hopper is known as the Queen of Code, the Mother of COBOL, and an overall pioneer in computer programming. She wore many hats, literally and figuratively, as a computer scientist, U.S. Navy Rear Admiral, Doctor of Mathematics (Ph.D. Yale University), Professor of Mathematics (Vassar College), Harvard University Fellow, world-renowned public speaker, and tireless advocate for women in technology. She lived her life with unwavering energy, humor, and intelligence. Hopper’s extraordinary achievements spanned several decades, from the 1940s through the 1980’s until her death in 1992.


In honor of this extraordinary woman, earlier this year Topos Labs changed the name of our AI platform to ‘Gracie’; we adopted navy blue as our corporate color in alignment with Hopper’s fierce loyalty to the U.S. Navy; and we incorporated a moth wing into our logo as a playful nod to the story of the world’s first known (literal) computer bug. The story goes that during Hopper’s stint at Harvard, the Mark II computer she was working on crashed. After some troubleshooting, the team discovered a moth had shorted out one of the circuits. Grace Hopper is now widely considered the one responsible for popularizing the term ‘debugging’ through her colorful retelling of this story during many public speaking engagements.


This short video clip provides an excellent synopsis of Grace Hopper’s illustrious career. 
And to get a flavor for her intelligence and humor, here she is on 60Minutes in 1983.
Grace Hopper is a great reminder that we’re all standing on the shoulders of giants, and that, yes, giants can be 5’6”.